A Beginners Guide To Tea

Learn how to get started by drinking tea with intention. A beginner's guide to knowing what to look for in loose leaf tea, all the tools you will need, and how to drink with nourishing your body.

All About Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea is whole flower, plant, herbs used in hot steeped water to extract the nutrients from the leaves into the tea.

Good For Your Health

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Read more about the history of tea and diverse cultures, health benefits, and all about loose leaf teas.

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Our goal is to get you inspired to take steps out of your comfort zone to sip on a variety of teas. Click below to check out some teas.

Intentional sipping.

Drink tea with intention and purpose. Learn about the essence of plants to get the most benefits.

Welcome to your journey.

We are here to guide you through your journey of becoming a tea drinker. No matter where you are on your path we are here to help.

Getting started

Let's get started with the beginner's guide to tea.

Tools to help.

All the tools you need to get started.

Real Tea. True Taste

All the best teas are whole plant and leaf tea.